Watermelon Slushie

If you’ve ever had a slushie (or slurpee) from 7-11, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say they are addicting.


Cold, sweet, and the perfect consistency. Not to mention, any flavor you could imagine. Watermelon, cherry, peach mango, Coca-Cola, you name it!

Slurpees are the perfect summer treat. And they’re also the perfect way to unknowingly consume over 500 calories of sugar in only 15 minutes.

So creating a recipe for a healthy slushie/slurpee seemed pretty reasonable (amazing?) to me!

This slushie takes literally two minutes to make. It’s the perfect way to cool down by the pool, at the beach, or just on a really hot day. Or any day, for that matter! It’s watermelon-flavored, and not sickly sweet, as many of the slushies at gas stations tend to be. Of course, if you want it to be sickly sweet, be my guest and add more sugar! (Or rather… stevia!)

Not to mention, it’s about as low in calories as possible. Only 32 calories compared to it’s 67 calorie counterpart? Sounds good to me!


So go ahead, make a second (or third) serving! I know I’m gonna! 😉

Watermelon Slushie

  • 1/2 c diced watermelon
  • 2 c ice
  • 2 tbs milk of choice (I used almond-coconut milk)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice (or lime juice)
  • 1 tsp stevia (or more, if desired)
  • 1/4 banana (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a blender until fully combined. Pour into a glass. Freeze if a thicker consistency is desired, stirring every 20 minutes until frozen to your liking.

Nutritional Information (from myfitnesspal.com)

Calories: 32

Fat: 0g

Carbs: 7g

Protein: 0g

(Yeilds 1 serving)

Nutrition information does not include the banana. This is optional, and only makes it a bit sweeter and adds a sweeter taste (the final product does taste faintly of banana, though). The nutrition information including banana is as follows: 55 calories, 0 grams of fat, 13 carbs, and 0 grams of protein.


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