14 Valentines Day Recipes

Valentine’s Day is here, whether you like it or not!

It seems like Valentine’s Day is either a hit or a miss with people. In my experience, those with significant others just can’t wait for this very special holiday. They’re going out to dinner with their boyfriend and are going to exchange gifts and are going to have the best time ever because they’re just so in love.

Or they’re planning an anti-Valentine’s Day party with all their single girlfriends because Valentine’s Day is just an archaic holiday created by greedy chocolate and jewelry companies to con people into thinking a diamond bracelet or chocolate heart amounts to love.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s really no in between. You either love it or you hate it.

But in my opinion, that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate it, regardless of your feelings!

After all, who doesn’t love an extra excuse to eat chocolate?

The recipes I included below are perfect, because they can be applied to any Valentine’s Day experience. Enjoying a nice, low-key breakfast with your significant other? There’s a delicious Buttermilk Waffle recipe headed your way. Bringing your “bae” brownies while they’re at work? There’s a recipe for you too!

There’s even a recipe for you if you’re like me and will be enjoying Valentine’s Day with a bowl of ice cream and the sweet company of Netflix!

Because in my eyes, why share a chocolate lava cake with someone else on February 14th, when you could eat it all yourself?

After all, we all know chocolate is what this holiday is really about!

Sweets before 7AM

The best healthy recipes for a Valentine’s Day Breakfast-in-Bed.


Brownies and Bars

From chocolate to coconut, these bars are the perfect sweet treat for your Valentine.


Single-Serving Desserts

For if you’re like me, and chocolate is your “significant other.”

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